We support candidates that recognize the importance of making healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone. It is time for the American people to be represented by elected officials that support sensible solutions such as the expansion of Medicare and the promotion of the Affordable Care Act.

Our Democracy USA also strongly supports a woman's right to make her own reproductive healthcare choices. We are committed to protecting those freedoms and ensuring that our elected officials provide easy and affordable access to contraceptives and other women's healthcare services.


Climate change is a crisis. Negative effects range from more extreme weather patterns to rising sea levels and food shortages. If our leaders do not take action soon, these effects may be irreversible. Under these circumstances, our children will grow up in a completely different world, one where many species  will have gone extinct and rich ecosystems will have been significantly damaged.



We support the idea of a Green New Deal, a program aiming to shift the economy from its current dependence on fossil fuels to an increased reliance on renewable energy. This would entail reaching 100% renewable energy production for electricity and transportation by 2030 and cutting our carbon-based economy by 2050. In addition, 20 million new jobs would be created to address the climate crisis. This program would also provide assistance for workers in the fossil fuel industry who need to transition to new careers. In addition, it may involve an initiative created to further conserve federal lands for future generations. 


Small businesses and working Americans need our help. This includes making sure every American is paid a living wage and that every business is given the chance to succeed. We support enacting a federal jobs guarantee for all workers and establishing a True Small Business Fund for businesses with under 20 employees. 


While Our Democracy USA supports shifts to more renewable energy, we recognize the economic impacts this will have on the fossil fuel industry. That’s why we support creating new jobs in the renewable energy sector. This includes expanding wind turbine technician jobs and solar PV installer jobs, which are already growing at a rapid rate. 


While unions are an important element in ensuring workers’ rights, many of them are struggling. Union membership has fallen from around 20% in 1983 to 10.3% in 2019. We support encouraging and incentivizing the formation of unions and holding large corporations responsible for violations of labor laws so that all working Americans are given a voice. 


Investing in Every Child

Studies have shown that American schools now are more segregated now than they were fifty years ago. Families of color are far more likely to live in an area with lower property values and, as a result, declining public school quality. Our candidates are committed to creating a more progressive funding system for school districts, breaking the tie between property values and school quality, and increasing federal involvement in our public school system.

On a broader scale, more than half of all American public school buildings need major repairs, and many schools lack basic resources such as counselors, nurses, or school psychologists. And despite being one of the most important professions in America, teachers’ wages have remained stagnant. Our candidates are firm in their commitment to keeping our public education system well-funded and our students well-cared for.

Reducing the $1.6 Trillion National Student Loan Debt

Higher education is now more necessary for Americans than ever before. Still, colleges and universities are more expensive in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Our candidates have put forward bold plans to make higher education more affordable and accessible for all students.

Collectively, nearly 45 million Americans owe over $1.6 trillion in student loan debt. Student loans represent an economic burden that often lasts for decades. Citizens who owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans are less likely to own a home and to create new businesses that may be vital to our economy. 


Our Democracy USA supports candidates that will fight to make higher education more affordable and accessible for every student. Investment in post-secondary education must come from all levels of government -- and aim to preserve the quality of education while expanding financial assistance programs and subsidizing other costs.


The 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade ruled that a woman’s right to an abortion fell within the right to privacy implied by the fourteenth amendment. Our Democracy USA supports women’s rights to legal, safe abortions and accessible contraceptives. We acknowledge that a choice as personal as abortion should be between a woman and her doctor, not dictated by the government. Ensuring that women have access to reproductive healthcare will also prevent them from seeking out illegal and possibly life-threatening procedures. 


Protecting a woman’s right to choose is an important step in helping women achieve financial security and long-term well-being. Articles recognized by the National Institute of Health demonstrate that births after an unwanted pregnancy were more likely to be associated with economic hardship, less favorable parenting behavior, and poorer health. The majority of unplanned pregnancies in the study were among teenagers or women of low socioeconomic status. These women should not be forced to have children that they feel unprepared to care for. Instead of putting both children and mothers in difficult situations, women need to be given the opportunity to choose if they are ready to raise a child. Our Democracy USA fully supports the decision made in Roe v. Wade and aims to elect candidates that share this sentiment.

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